Workshops and Retreats

Because there has been so little talk about end-of-life and dying in our culture, there are often difficult decisions that have to be made at a time of crisis for which there has been no preparation.  You CAN be more prepared!

In an interactive, personally engaging format it is possible to gain a lot of information and think ahead about many of the decisions that may be required at the end of life. Interactive trainings give people a chance to gain a lot of vital data before it is needed.  These trainings are a way to provide vital information to staff and community groups.

Live in-person advanced care planning training for larger groups.

Sustainable-aging presenting at Strolling of the Heifers brown bag session.

Profit and non profit  businesses and other groups can arrange for on-site workshops or in-service sessions for their staff.  The materials and processes adapt well to a larger number of participants.


 Attending your workshops gave me the tools & strength to finally start the conversation about dying with my mother who luckily still has her health & faculties. Having completed the appropriate paperwork with her, I know it will be her choices guiding us when that tough time arrives.  Now I’m working on mine. Thank you so very much.  Betty L.

On – Line Webinars.

One or two day Retreats.

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