Over 60 — What’s Next?


The books below are focused on life over 60 years old and what’s next.

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Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom , Mary Catherine Bateson. 2010  Very readable. A hearty and realistic look at the possibilities in the years that have been added to many lives due to modern medicine.  A thoughtful and eloquent guide for making the most of the longevity revolution – the extra decades that have been added as individual men and women and as a nation.  Rich in conversation, insight and personal discovery. Exciting reading as you move into what Bateson calls Adulthood II and others are calling the 3rd Life.




Lasting Words, A guide to Finding Meaning Toward the Closeof Life book coverLasting Words:A Guide To Finding Meaning Toward the Close of Life, Claire B Willis, LICSW, 2013 With many years under your belt here’s a path for deepening your awareness of the life you have lived and leaving a legacy for those you love. You may choose to wait or you might choose to work on this now.





Leap! What will We Do with The Rest of Our Lives? book cover
LEAP! What Will We DO with the Rest of Our Lives? (Reflections from the Boomer Generation) Sara Davidson 2007 How to do the coming years well…includes insight from across the country and all walks of life about the potential future.




Living with the end in mind book cover
Living With the End in Mind: A Practical Checklist for Living Life to the Fullest By Embracing Your Mortality, Erin Tierney Kramp & Douglas H. Kramp with Emily McKhann 1998  An excellent life affirming book which provides checklists  for  preparing yourself or loved ones for the inevitable – so you can live life to the fullest.  This book has existed for 15 years but the perspective is completely relevant now.



thw way of transition book cover
the way of transition:embracing life’s most difficult moments William Bridges 2001 Bridges talks beautifully about how hard major change can be and how to get  and grow as much of possible during times of change which are sure to come.





World ENough & Time book cover
World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down, Christain McEwen, 2011  Another perspective on this era in our lives and the magic that is possible if you make the time and space to experience it.






Living in Town, The Story of the Move from Country to Town. Janet Cramer

Living In Town

Amargosa documentary movie
AMARGOSA, the story of Marta Becket 2000  The remarkable documentary of the 76 year old dancer and painter who moved to a California ghost town to live out her dream of creating and performing.