Memoirs and Biographies

At Seventy book cover
At Seventy, a Journal, May Sarton 1984  A personal acknowledgement of life at seventy, looking forward with joy and a sense that there’s a richness to all the experience she brings to this point in her life. Sarton published several more journals before the end of her life but I had the pleasure of meeting her and hearing her read from this book at New Words the women’s bookstore in Cambridge, Ma.the year it was published.




The Coxt of Hope Book Cover
The Cost of Hope: The Story of a Marriage, a Family and the Quest for Life  Amanda Bennett  2012 Random House  After her husband’s death this Pulitzer Prize winner used her skills as a veteran investigative reporter to determine the cost of their quest to save his life. This personal memoir raises important questions many people face, and vital issues about the current health care system in the United States. It’s also a well written tale.



Grace and Grit Book CoverGRACE and GRIT: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber, Ken Wilber 1993  “The personal story of philosopher Ken Wilbur when his wife had cancer.  “A deep and searing look at living,dying,loving,death and resurrection.” writes M.Scott Peck, MD  This is one of the first books that helped me after my mother died. Just reading about the thoughts and struggles and decisions this loving couple made gave me insight and comfort.




Musings Along the Way  I  Book CoverMusings Along the Way: Tears, Lies and Fresh Fruit Pies  Volume I  Years 1997-2001 Martha Johnson 2011  Reflections in verse of  a five year journey from an initial diagnosis of MS to a place of peace and perspective.  This volume was previously published in 2002 as Musings Along the Way:A Woman’s Journey Looking at her Life Through the Lens of Chronic Illness.





Musings Along the Way II Book Cover

Musings Along the Way: Pain, Persistence and Purifying Waters Volume II: Years 2002-2008 Martha Johnson 2011    Through poetry Martha offers her own insights through difficult transitions sharing self reflection that can serve as a guide to others.





The Life of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross   Book CoverQUEST: The Life of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Derek Gill 1980.  This biography of  the early pioneer in the subject of death and dying  was written with her approval.  I’ve read this book several times – always finding it compelling  to follow the personal QUEST of this famous triplet born in pre-war Switzerland.