Conversation Starters

There are three excellent on-line interactive resources for helping you think about YOUR particular views. Each one is a good way to dive in to the issues on your own.  Where you start just depends on what time of thinker/learner you are:


Out of Boston- this project was started by Ellen Goodman with the goal of changing our denial and avoidance of death as a topic.  A huge amount of care and energy has gone into this project. Any part of their website is helpful and the starter kit is is very user friendly and helpful.



Another excellent resource created as a public education initiative by Vermont Non-Profit VNAs, Home Health and Hospice Agencies in partnership with Vermont Ethics Network . “”Planning for end of life care before it becomes a worry is as important as all the other life plans you have made.”


The online version of the GO WISH game

A  card game that provides a low-stress interesting GAME for helping you think about what would matter most  to you if you knew you were dying.  Created by CODA Alliance in California, this is a different way to help you begin.