Overkill: America’s Epidemic of Unnecessary Care –

Overkill : America’s Epidemic of Unnecessary Care – a new Gawande must read!

Will your next medical procedure help you? do nothing? or even cause harm? What about the procedure  being recommended for an elderly friend or relative?

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(I’ve been so busy with local events that this blog has been sorely neglected.  This morning with the soft pink of dawn peeking through the corner of the curtain I decided to get up and get back in touch with the bigger world.  The link to this long and thoughtful new article by Dr. Gawande felt like my reward. I have only read it once so far and quickly. I will read it again.)


DO read it! Dr. Gawande is so clear about the truly good-hearted desires that push both doctors and patients toward unnecessary and often NOT helpful care!

Read Gawande’s explanation about the “turtles” and “rabbits”  in the world of cancer – the turtles being cancers which are highly unlikely to ever cause a problem and would be better off undetected. Instead of ensuring a better life, tests and treatments on the “turtles” can CAUSE problems.

You may not need this information right now but my bet is that someone in your life does!  If you feel up to sharing your own tale please do.



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