Atul Gawande’s megaphone by Paula Span


The potential for brilliant collaboration!


Paula Span’s blog  yesterday, A Doctor Discovers Dying , hit it on the head as she so often does.  She points out that Atul Gawande’s BEING MORTAL is not new news  — but that it is eloquently penned and that he  has phenomenal  media coverage.

I just wrote this comment:

“YES!!!! You are right, Gawande is the megaphone! I pray that the time has come to make the new old age go well with a brilliant collaboration!

Imagine the power of a project:

1) funded by the same anonymous visionary whose support resulted in 506 pages of research on DYING IN AMERICA

2) calling on the fantastic megaphone Gawande- who is part of the web savvy Conversation Project

3) in liaison with Dennis McCullough whose My Mother, Your Mother: Embracing “Slow Medicine: The Compassionate Approach to Caring for your Aging Love Ones” so beautifully lays out a caring path and 4) Byock and 5) Sloan 6) Butler and 7) Dr. Bernard Hammes from LaCrosse Wisconsin!

Gawande’ s 2010 New Yorker article LETTING GO led me to the Respecting Choices® project in LaCrosse Wisconsin. In April this year CBS news picked up the LaCrosse story . The IMO report states:

“An early review of Respecting Choices describes six ways in which this program differs from conventional advance care planning initiatives, which help account for its success in achieving care in greater accord with patient wishes.”

Hammes has spent more than 25 years developing a systems approach that successfully addresses each part of the dilemma: the medical community and the people they serve; cost, time ,resources, and careful research.

These wheels don’t need to be reinvented. They should be used with Gawande’ s megaphone making the announcement!’

I hope YOU dear reader will dive into any of the above sources !


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