An Explosion of Research and Articles

SouthPond. Fall 004There is an explosion of interesting research and articles about end-of-life care. Here are recent resources for you to read.

Dying in America

Dying in America, the bipartisan, anonymously-funded report from the Institute of Medicine released September 17, 2014,  calls for a major overhaul of how we mange end-of-life care.

Here’s the NY Times article about it:

Panel Urges Overhauling Health Care at End of Life –

Here’s The Institute of Medicine summary: Report Brief.pdf

Here is the link to the five-hundred page report. Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End of Life – Institute of Medicine which you can download for free.

Why I Hope to Die at 75

At almost the same time, the Atlantic magazine published, Why I Hope to Die at 75 – The Atlantic. The author, Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D. makes as case for his own decision not to rely on medicine to extend his life after 75.

Tom Ashbrook devoted a show to these two publications.  End of Life Care Needs an Overhaul.

Worth Considering

All of this is grist for the mill.  Read and learn so that you can make choices for yourself and initiate conversations with those you love.

What are your thoughts?

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