Ninety Percent of Doctor’s Say, “For me, allow natural death.”

Hear why the choice of so many doctors is, “No Code: Allow Natural Death.”

Recently there have been several articles discussing the reality that doctors do not die like the rest of us. It’s a bit different hearing the data rather than reading it.

Doctors say that their personal wish in many medical situations is pain medication ONLY. They don’t want most of the modern interventions.  Rather, their wish is to “allow natural death.”  Radio log has recorded this information in a back and forth conversation. Somehow, hearing the different voices, accents, intonation, makes the information even more striking.

“A study at John’s Hopkins University was started in the 1940s to 1950s tracking all kinds of information about 1337 medical students. Now these doctors are in their sixties to eighties and are being asked about their future death. Ninety percent of them said that in a scenario like severe dementia they would NOT want CPR.  The interviewer asks why! The answer, “CPR doesn’t work very well.”

Click on the link below to hear the mind boggling facts and figures.

It’s 21 minutes long but it’s worth it.


Allow Natural Death, Sunset image



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