Making a Bucket List at 65 ?

Kayaks stackedHmmmmmmmm.  It did not feel weird or pessimistic to be making a bucket list. In fact, it could be another new game for the baby boomer generation.

This morning I took my friend Barbara, to the Kingston train station after a brief vacation together.

Last night  after we had dinner she said, “Let’s play a game.”  I was surprised.  I had been thinking about suggesting we play Parcheesi. We have been friends since 1955 and a childhood game seemed like a fitting way to end our visit. But I remembered that she doesn’t usually choose to play games.  She said, “It’s a game that you don’t win or lose. Let’s make a list, take turns saying what we’d like to do before we die.”  I agreed to try it.

People have said to me,  “I’m too young to make a bucket list. I’m not going to die anytime soon.” A few have said,   “I’ve done what I want, I don’t need to make a bucket list.” I would say you’re never too young to make a bucket list: to put dreams on paper. Also, as Barbara and I discovered that night, it’s  fun to think of what else you might want to do.  Some things we came up with:

  • Spend a whole summer by the ocean.
  • A southwest trip to Bryce, O’Keeffe place/Grand Canyon etc.
  • Put a collection of my poems in a chap book

Putting these thoughts on paper gives them a much better chance of happening. And it’s fun!

To play this game here are some guidelines.

A game without winner or loser: Take turns saying something we would like to do if we could before we die … acknowledging that

  1. some of the items depend on other people agreeing to participate so are not totally within our personal control and
  2. the list may change at any point.

Adapted from “Before I Die” – (


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